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January 09, 2018

During the evening of September 18th, Fortune Magazine China officially announced their “2017 Chinese 40 Business Visionaries Under 40 Years of Age” list while emphasized that these 40 business visionaries represents the future of the Chinese business world and they are harnessing energy to change the world. CEO of Ling Technology Gu Jiawei was named with Toutiao’s Zhang Yiming, Mobike’s Hu Weiwei, DJI’s Wang Tao also named. 

2017 marks the seventh year that Fortune Magazine has published their 40 Business Visionary Under 40 Years of Age list. During these seven years, this list is anticipated and recognized by the readers and business professionals. The that Fortune Magazine has published their 40 Business Visionary Under 40 Years of Age list is committed in discovering mature startup leaders. The leaders named in this list are the leaders of their respective industries, they are not only creating dazzling business accomplishment in short times, but also developing a solid foundation that will support their sustainable growth. 

“As former young leader of Baidu, head of Human-Machin Interactions of Baidu AI Research Institute, Gu Jiawei holds 22 different software and hardware patents from the United States, as well as over 120 Chinese patents. His focus of research is innovative user experience and intuitive human-machine interactions. The company he founded, Ling Technology is an AI, robotics company that produce home social robots such as Jibo, illustrated book reading robot Luka, which he hopes to provide more intuitive way of interactions with his AI technology advancements.” – Fortune (China)

The 31 years old Gu Jiawei graduated from Chinghwa University, serving as guest lecturer of Stanford University’s ME310 program. Before this honor, Gu Jiawei was named by MIT Technology Review as the 2016 MIT TR35 the 35 most innovative innovators of the world, as well as the designer with most potential in 2015 by Forbes magazine. 

Mr. Gu Jiawei established Ling Technology during 2016 along with President Mr. Liu Guang and former founder of Gee Router Mr. Ding Yi, and served as CEO, Ling Technology sees its opportunity in the migration from internet to IoT, targeting the next AI internet era while focusing on designing, producing, distributing, and operating series of AI consumer products, as well as building a world-renowned consumer AI brand.

The first children illustrated book reading robot Luka will officially go on sale with an adorable owl shaped exterior, intuitive interactive experiences that will loved by children and their families. Luka is equipped with HD cameras that will be able to recognize book contents with AI technology and articulate the book to its users. The Luka will be able to automatically read the book with each turn of the page. It is built with both fun and education in mind, taking children away from their pads and back to the books, developing a healthy reading habit that will grow with the children. In early pilots, Luka received raving reviews. Professional reviews have deemed Luka a milestone product in family early education products. 

“We hope to create more spiritual technology products, it is not only the advancement of technology, but also the progress of human culture.” 

Gu Jiawei noted, Ling Technology will integrate global resources to cater their products to family settings and expand their offerings in the service robot segments. Just like Fortune Magazine China have said, Ling Technology is harnessing the potentials energy to change the world.